Copyright & Registration


Copyright Music & Sound

Copyright is the evidence that you have made that song or music. And if you want complete protection of copyright, then you must file your copyright. We will assist you in completing the Copyright registration process in India. The registration of copyright, creates the legal right on your original/artistic work.



A script copyright or screenplay copyright protects a script or screenplay you have written, it does not protect the basic idea or theory. Before you distribute or narrate it to producers/actors etc. it is better to register your script. We provide registrations for synopsis, story, screenplay, story, dialogue, etc. We will assist and help you with the enforcement of copyright in the case of a copyright violation, contractual issues.


Story & Poems

Either you write books or novels, poetry or short stories, at some point in your professional life you are forced to tango with copyright conflicts. We will discuss with you the general practices and help you register your work in the publishing field. Registering the Copyright Law for the literary works has greater safeguards from copyright infringement.


Company Registration

You get a Brand Image if you register a company. For different factors, it is an intelligent decision for a new entrepreneur. The registration of your company also provides regulatory and marketing advantages. We will help you with proper business registration in India. And make sure the whole registration process is taken care of so you can concentrate on your company’s growth.


Logo Registration

A trademark can be a term, emblem, logo, brand, wrapper, labels for packaging, tagline or a mixture, which is used by a business. Companies are mindful of the value of such registration because it grants them the ability to defend against abuse of this specific creative works. We apply for your registration of a trademark and assist you with the whole process of it in India.